Danica Drago is an artist, maker, production potter and educator, based in Toronto, Ontario. They graduated from Jewellery & Metalsmithing in the Material Art and Design program at OCAD University, but spent most of their time in the Ceramics department. Danica's practice as a tool and object maker is informed by working with a variety of materials in different environments, but is more interested in the process of making rather than the final product. They create both functional and conceptual objects that explore the outcomes of different means of artistic labour, access & production, and that encourage play between factors of risk, failure and uncertainty. Most of their works interact with the body, the public and the spaces around us. 

They are passionate about bicycle maintenance, cooking from scratch, and inviting people into their making-process.

photo by Nicole Bilyea

Danica Drago is currently a ceramics instructor at the Gardiner Museum and the Jewish Community Centre, and resident production potter at Propeller Coffee Co. in Toronto. 

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